Los Angeles, California


Tens of Thousands crowded the streets of Los Angeles in celebration of the Confederation of Central American Countries Independence.

The Dianetics float led a massive parade starting at the intersection of Pico Blvd and Vermont Ave in Los Angeles in celebration of the Confederation of Central American Countries (COFECA) Independence parade.

With flags waving, and dozens of floats from each of eight different Central American countries—the streets were filled with life, color and culture. Leading the parade and carrying the official banner of COFECA were long-term allies representing Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health—the book that became the most popular self-help text in publishing history.

Many greeted the Dianetics Team with warm faces, recognizing them from prior events around Los Angeles, and all Dianetics signifies in alleviating pain and stress and the goal of freedom for mankind.

The Dianetics float lead the parade along its route for tens of thousands who watched.
The 10′ Dianetics book was hard to miss!

As eight Central American countries (El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and the newly united Dominican Republic) proudly lined each intersecting street off-shooting from Vermont with dancers in traditional dress, flags, music, and more—the Dianetics float stood in front leading the way with a 10' high full Dianetics Book and volunteers in red Dianetics t-shirts.

Volunteers distributed tickets along the parade route inviting thousands to see a free Dianetics film and waved to the audience greeting all in celebration of Central American Independence, and freedom for all as they travelled up Pico Street to MacArthur Park’s 7th and Parkview entrance for the remainder of the joyous festivities in the park.

Find out more about Dianetics at www.dianetics.org.